Data Journalism at CCSU, Fall 2015

Come together- Joining data

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Assignments for Sept. 30

Read: Data Hygene

Read: Fewer students, professors at Connecticut state and community colleges | TrendCT

Homework 1

Create a data memo for your beat

Write me draft paper that describes the kinds of data that exists on the beat you want to focus on:

Regarding the data you're envisioning, answer

Upload it to your Github repo or email it to me.

This is just brainstorming and you don't have to commit to what you come up with for the homework for your midterm or final project.

This will hopefully set you on the path toward thinking of data as soon as possible. I will give feedback and help you refine researching possibilities.

Homework 2

Join two spreadhseets using Google Fusion Tables

  1. Find the number of liquor stores by town. You'll have to make a pivot table based on this data Licensed Package Store Liquor Retailers
  2. Merge it with the town population data -2010 Population By Town
  3. Download and then upload the joined CSV to your GitHub repo. Email me the link to the CSV file in your repo.

Assignments due before 2 p.m. on Sept. 30.